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Tim Foley welcomes Brian Muir to discuss the upcoming AGON1 wrestling event and set lines for the four premier match-ups. The event, which is headlined by two-time NCAA Champions Ben Askren (Mizzou) and Quentin Wright (Penn State), features eight post-collegiate athletes in a folkstyle-freestyle hybrid consisting of three 3-minute periods and will be streamed online.

LORDE — Royals

Season Two starts off with Foley and Muir digging into the newly released Intermat NCAA Division I Rankings. The pair begin the podcast season by making a series of expensive bets sure to hurt in March. Also, a look at the All-Star Classic and the first line of the event is set: Tony Ramos (Iowa) vs. Devin Carter (Va. Tech) at 141 lbs. Some chatter about Kyle Dake as a Greco-Roman wrestler and whether or not David Taylor needs to start eating more.

White Buffalo — Hold the Line

Andy Hrovat joins the podcast for an honest discussion of USAW, FILA and both organization’s shortcomings in preparing for the U.S. Open and the May meeting with the IOC. Brian Muir joins up to discuss his tan, wedding season and collegians competing at the Open.

Our gambling expert is back from his vacation in southeast Asia, but that doesn’t mean Brian Muir is holding back any of his opinions on betting the NCAA’s, the loss of the Boston University wrestling program or the effort to save Olympic wrestling.

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